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what others think about the book


Eduardo Salas, Rice University

‘What a gem for prospective and current doctoral students! A realistic, insightful, funny,

informative and practical book. A must read if you are thinking of getting a doctoral degree.’


’ A down-to-earth must-read for any aspiring PhD student, as well as seasoned professors 

who want to sharpen their supervising skills!’ 

Torgeir Dingsøyr, Norwegian Inst. of Science and Tech

’Taking a PhD is one of the most challenging work tasks you can engage in. […] 

This book presents you with a number of tips you probably would not get 

from a supervisor.’


review from phd student at the university of twente

 "I really enjoyed reading the PhD survival guide. It is an easy accessible yet insightful guide through the PhD roller-coaster. With short and descriptive chapters, complemented with funny and meaningful visuals, the book provides a breezy read for an over-read PhD student, but is just as informing for their progress as any academic paper could be. The book truly guides you through the possible ups and downs that PhD life will offer.

Personally I read the book right at the end of my first year, finding myself well in the end-of-first-year despair that the book also highlighted. ‘Yes, it’s not me, I’m not alone! It’s just part of the process!’ was what popped into my head while studying the 4-year graph presented in the survival guide. The book really helped me by showing that the struggle is normal and part of it, but that there are also highlights along the way. I am pretty sure I will pick this book up again at a later stage in the process when I feel stuck or am looking for some outside perspective on the whole PhD process. 

I would most surely recommend the PhD survival guide to others – in fact, already have! – as it offers an accessible yet informative introduction to PhD life and its many facets. It touches upon important topics – struggles with supervisors, networking awkwardness, academic pressure- but maintains to keep a light feel. Should be part of every PhD’s starter kit 😊"